Sunday, June 15, 2008

Projects along the Wolf River make steady progress

With fuel prices soaring and more residents interested in outdoor activity, greenways such as the one planned on the Wolf should prove to be useful commuting corridors as well as pleasant recreation areas, Smith said. "I think the desire is huge to get this done."

"The Wolf River could be one of the largest, most diverse and most exciting greenways ... at least in the Southeast, and maybe it could stand with any project anywhere."

"The companies that are looking to locate are looking for communities that value green space and offer recreational opportunities," said Steve Fleegal, CEO of the Wolf River Conservancy. "Memphis is behind a lot of communities in offering green space. It's way behind in greenway miles."

"It's one of those things that could change the nature of our community," said Larry J. Smith, a founding member and former executive director of the Wolf River Conservancy, who has pursued the greenway goal for more than two decades.

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