Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bike lanes can enrich city's image

Commercial Appeal
Thursday, August 14, 2008
Letters to the Editor

The momentum of bicycling for recreation, sport and green, gas-free transportation is reaching critical mass. No other time in recent American history has the bicycle been so pivotal as a solution to many of our problems that exist today. Riding a bicycle is the one of the most patriotic activities that we Americans should embrace, but we do face obstacles. We, the people who ride bicycles, need safe places to ride our bicycles. We need bicycle lanes. Not just any bicycle lanes. We need safe bicycle lanes on well-thought-out routes that connect public places, schools and neighborhoods.

The bicycle has been around for over 100 years, yet Memphis does not have one single bicycle lane. I know efforts are under way to make this change, albeit a little too late. It's time that this city becomes more progressive. Cities without such amenities are cities most people chose not to live in or relocate to. Bicycle lanes make cities more attractive and, yes, more progressive. They prove that cities are more forward thinking and more modern.

Having bicycle lanes and routes designate a safer space to ride. Having space to ride bicycles encourages use of these spaces. Use of these spaces gives more visibility and awareness of bicyclists to drivers. This visibility and awareness among drivers becomes more commonplace and usual. Bicyclists become more tolerable and respected and everyone shares the road which becomes the norm.

Daniel Duckworth


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