Saturday, August 30, 2008

Memphis Critical Mass Is Seeking Stories, Comments, and Photos From The Aug. 29th Ride

Greetings. I hope all those who could make yesterday's ride had a safe and good time. Thank you for participating. I am seeking stories, comments, or photos of yesterday's ride. Please leave your comments below and email any stories or photos to I intend to further spread the word of our collective efforts to bring attention to the bicycle as a viable recreation and sport, and a green gas-free mode of transportation. My goal is to grow our Critical Mass and collective presence on the streets of our city.

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Anonymous said...

August was my 1st critical mass. I have been riding for over 5 years but never had the chance to participate in something like this. I arrived around 5:30 at the "meeting locating" and there were a few riders. The ride was listed to start at 6pm but most of the riders who showed up thought it started at 5:30. this led to a pretty large disband. Around 6:05 we started with about 10-12 riders. It was easy ,enjoyable and really would have been alot of fun with about 20 more riders. Since it was friday night , downtown was getting busy and traffic was a little heavy. Still we made it without any issues or faults.

Thanks again. will be there on september 26th.